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The power of smartphones

There is more and more phones in our life. In particular smartphones change our style of being. Nowadays phones are very useful device for sellers and every king of markets. According to Google researches 70% of owners use their smartphones during shopping, of which 74% take on it decisions about purchases! Mobile client for the business is very valuable, because a market can communicate with them in every second of their life. There is any device closer to human than their favourite cellphones? I think no.

Let’s go further – 88% smartphone users react the same day when day receive information about some products, which provide them to call shop number (in 65%) or even visit shop (in 59%). The Polish market is also beginning to be replaced by smartphones. Their sales this year reaches a level of 1.2 - 3 million units, which will constitute 40%* of all phones sold in Poland.

According to the report TOP 300 Europe only 19.6% of European companies have a mobile version of the website. Companies rather prefere mobile applications24.6%** of them offer this solutions (most frequently chosen platforms are iOS and Android).

As we can see, smartphones platform are great possibility for all companies. The question is: can we properly use this gap at all?
Options used today in our market is only a piece of the possibility of influencing the decisions of customers through mobile tools. It is certain the acquisition of mobile clients will become an important objective of the sales companies. In conclusion, I suggest that during planning budgest don’t to forget about mobile marketing. It is very important – very often the first earn the most!

*Google researches
** Another private researches