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Only 5% companies respond to their fans

If you ask about something on fanpage – how often they can respond to you? I’m talking about the owners of fanpage. If they respond to you minimum once, you’re in minority.

Most of the owners of fanpages don’t understand idea of creating this sites in social media. About 95% fan’s posts in brand’s fanpages are without any answer! This is research of Socialbakers, about which write people from Econsultancy.

Mostly, companies respond from telecomunication brand and air lines – 26% and 18%. Companies from MEDIA don’t communicate with fans at all – only 1 %. In the middle we can find retail trade, alcohol, fashion, electronics. Average looks, however, extremely low - only 5% of posts of fans is the answer.

It means, that majority of companies which have fanpage on Facebook or another social networking sites don’t have any idea about politic in social media. Communication must be bilateral, not unilateral. For the posts is a must respond, at least for most of them.

Otherwise conduct fanpage’a not make much sense, because instead of growing group of satisfied fans, we have growing group of frustrated fans.

By the way, do you know which fanpages have the most engage fans?

1. Sony Ericsson -> 5,6 mln people like it and 105 000 of them wrote comment or liked some posts in last month.
2. Walmart -> 9 mln fans like it and 100 000 fans were engaged in fanpage.
3. Redbull -> 22 mln and 85 000 engaged.

Suprise! The most famous fanpage on Facebook belogns to Coca-Cola – 34 mln persons like this fanpage, but only 56 000 of them were engaged in commenting last month.